How To Use the IR HVAC Solution


This solution is extendable and all Control4 dealers are welcome to create the driver required for their specific project. Driver set has a trial mode which allows the dealers to verify the drivers operation as IR blasting capabilities of home controller is limited. Created driver may be submitted to Turkish Distributer of Control4 through or and after verification of the R&D team it gets distributed with all other drivers.

It is possible to create an IR driver for HVAC units using HVAC_Solutions_Driver_Creator tool by either copy and pasting the pronto formatted IR commands for every mode of operation or by making the software read the codes through USB. We recommend using the second mode of operation.

To be able to introduce the remote control using this program you will require the USB-UIRT device. It may be purchased and installed through the web page. For most of the IR devices on the market you will not need the 56KHz IR sensor (yet we have not seen any Air Conditioner RC at this frequency).

We recommend you to watch our short video about driver creation for further information.

Whenever you introduce and verify a HVAC system you may send the created BRAND_MODEL.dat file, which will be located at \sources\settings_ir directory, to us (Turkish Distributer of Control4) through or and we may add it to the solutions database.

When you have the IR code file either from the available ones or a newly created one, you should create the driver and install it. Below are the videos describing how to do these. Please refer to the installation manual for further details.