CoolMaster is versatile bridge device connecting Daikin VRV, Sanyo VRF, Toshiba VRF, Mitsubishi Electric VRF, Fujitsu VRF, Mitsubishi Heavy VRF and Hitachi VRF Air Conditioning systems and Controller units. This driver communicates the virtual thermostat drivers with CoolMaster devices. CoolMaster devices may be supplied from Cool Automation. We would recommend you to refer to their website for supported models and features. (


Besides resolving the master, slave problem of Daikin devices, this driver supports IP connectivity to the CoolMaster unit (with an extra hardware). As well as solving the physical distance problem, this allows connection of multiple Home Controller units to a single CoolMaster device.

Details may be found on the Installation Manual.


• Works with all CoolMaster bridges (Daikin, Sanyo, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Heavy, Hitachi)

• Connects through RS232 or Ethernet (with additional equipment)

• Ideal for multi controller applications like hotels and apartments

• Removes master-slave limitation of Daikin VRVs

• Able to work together with original HVAC control panels

• Trial mode available.