Our Research and Development team is developing drivers for Control4 as to increase its ability especially at European market and to decrease the overall projects costs. Drivers we have developed are to solve issues at Turkish market but as we believe many dealers outside US has similar problems, we decided to present our solutions at our webpage.


HVAC System Solution

We are proud to announce the widest scale HVAC solution for Control4. With this driver you will be able to control almost any HVAC unit on market. This driver allows you to control HVAC units using CoolMaster gateway, PI485 gateway and IR, it also supports relay control for heating system integration on a single interface.

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Crow Security

Crow Security systems are reliable and aggresively priced. Using this driver you will be able to integrate with Crow Security systems just like connecting to any other security system.

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Somfy RTS Family

This driver is prepared to support the complete set of Somfy RTS compatible products. Control4 dealers are now able to include all these devices in their system for a very reasonable cost.

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Fake Relay

This is a fake relay which do not physically connect to anywhere, does not actually do anything. It just acts like a relay, remembers the latest command, updates the interface.

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Magic Buttons

Maar magic buttons is a solution to give your customers a fully customizable user interface. It is especially great for demo rooms, meeting rooms, bars and restaurants where there are al ot of media devices to control.

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Sollae CIE-H10

This driver is to integrate the CIE-H10 I/O Expander with Control4. This robust expander has 8 output and 8 input ports that you may read from and write to. This IP based IO expander is affordably priced too.

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Maar RF Gateway

Maar RF Gateway is a network gateway for reaching Delta Dore micro modules, for controlling lights, dimmers, relays and blinds. Maar RF Gateway mainly enables you to install puck devices withput having a zigbee network, therefore with the integration with control4 you are able to remotely control and monitor your devices over the Internet from anywhere in the world.
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